I’m Melanie, the designer… ok in this logo I’m a co-designer. Yes I’m the one with the Graphic Design Degree from the U of M but my 8 year old daughter (Taylor) did help me design the logo. The first draft of the ball was Turquoise and Taylor insisted that I added pink to the logo, why not, a pink logo will defiantly stand out on a job sight.

This logo is about the balance between my husband Haydn and me, yin and yang if you must. In some ways we are complete opposites, and I wonder how the heck we are together. But then life throws a curve ball, and I realize how perfect we are as a team because we have each others missing pleases.

The octagon in the logo represents logic and the unlogical creation energy. Call it what you want we all feel it in some way. Your gut feeling that keeps you out of trouble, or somehow aligns you to meet the love of your life in a bar while passing threw a town. It represents all the help we get, as I know we can not do this alone.

We are so lucky to be creating houses with our friends and talented trades and in Cowichan Valley, Building as a team.

Nice to meet you!